Wednesday 13 September 2017

Sand as a material for Sculpture:

Sand is wonderful and interesting material, I love that its a natural material, every batch is different. You can make very big sculptures in a relatively short time (compared  for example to wood or stone).

You have to consider the kind of sand, the sand can be strong, weak, clean, dirty, fine, course, all different colours and textures, some sand you can ad on easily and some not at all.

The sculpture is always made in place so you can adapt it exactly to the location (light, surroundings, atmosphere etc.).

One of the very interesting things about sand as a material is that it, by itself, attracts attention, people come to have a look, just because of the fact that its made from sand, its a bit strange, but I guess for us its a good thing, hopefully the curious people get to enjoy your sculpture once they are over the surprise of it being made just from sand.
We get a lot of exposure compared to most other sculpture exhibitions (some projects get more than 500.000 visitors).

For me the fact that the sculptures are temporary makes them more special. Only in this limited time they can be seen, then they turn back to just sand again……

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