Sculptall was a collaboration
Ilya Filimontsev and Susanne Ruseler

Specialised in high quality sculptures tailor-made to your wishes

Sculptures for:
 Celebrations, Competitions, Decorations, Entertainment, Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Holidays, Jubilees, Monuments, Official ceremonies, Parties, Portraits, Promotion, Shows and more…

 Bronze, Clay, Concrete, Foam, Ice, Plaster, Plastics, Sand, Snow, Wax, Wood and more….

After studying at the art college in Moscow Ilya Filimontsev worked as a jeweler/goldsmith designing and making jewelry for 7 years.
While working as a jeweler he started making ice sculptures and found he enjoyed the combination of traveling and sculpting.
Ilya quit his jewelry job and continued to study sculpture for 6 more years at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute of Surikov.
He has been sculpting sand since 2005 while traveling all over the world.
his work:

Susanne Ruseler from Rotterdam started sand sculpting in 2003, while living in Utrecht and studying Biology.
After finishing her studies she started her own sculpture company, also working with other materials such as snow, ice, foam and concrete.
She’s been sculpting full time since 2008 and really enjoys alternating between materials, but mostly works with sand, her favourite material.
She travels all over the world working on projects, events and competitions.
her work:

Together they formed Sculptall:

Click here to vieuw pictures of projects by Sculptall.

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